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Life is filled with big financial goals – a new car, a house, retirement – as well as financial emergencies like a broken furnace or an unexpected medical bill.  Do you have a solid savings plan that’s up to the task?  With a Baylands Family Credit Union savings account, you can create a cash reserve to help you prepare for the future.  Your money grows safely – building interest – until you need it.

Share Account - A savings account with a $5 minimum balance establishes membership and maintains privileges.

Secondary Share Account - Will help you be self-reliant and take care of bills if you have an unexpected expense or if your income is reduced or eliminated without relying on credit. Financial planning experts recommend three to six months worth of living expenses be set aside.

Share Investment – A share investment (money market) account is a great way to grow your money without locking it up for an extended period of time.  Baylands gives you higher dividend earnings with the flexibility of getting cash when you need it.

Share Certificate – A wise way to save! With a Share Certificate, you deposit the money for a set period of time, usually between one and five years, and in return you receive a higher dividend rate than with traditional share or share investment accounts.  It’s a simple way to boost your savings and prepare for your financial future.  Requires only a minimum of $500 to open.

Christmas Club - It's a great way to save for holiday expenses. Open a Christmas Club for as little as $5.00. The funds that have accumulated will be transferred directly into your Share Account for ease of accessibility. (Funds available November 1st).

Vacation Club - A fast and easy way to accumulate money for that dream vacation. Minimum balance is $5.00 to open. Accumulated funds will be transferred directly into your Share Account. (Funds available June 1st).  Make your next vacation stress free and start saving now!

Other Share Accounts - When you find the need for a specialized share account, Baylands also offers Trusts, UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act), Estate, and Legal Representative accounts. 

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