Safe Deposit Boxes

Offering the protection you need to help safeguard your valuables.

Do you have documents, jewelry, or other personal possessions that require more secure storage than your home?  Keep your valuables and important papers safe in a locked, secured container held in the vaults of our West Point and Williamsburg offices.

Rentals are for a one-year term, and you can select from a variety of box sizes.  Golden Benefits Members (age 55 & over) receive an 8% discount on their annual rental.

Box Size Standard Rental Rate Golden Benefits Rental Rate
3x5 $30.00 $27.60
5x5 * $45.00 $41.40
3x10 $45.00 $41.40
5x10 $60.00 $55.20
10x10 $90.00 $82.80

* Available in Williamsburg Only (Norge Branch)

Please note that the contents in your Safe Deposit Box are not insured by Baylands Family Credit Union or by NCUA.  If you require additional insurance on your valuables, please contact your insurance provider to arrange coverage.

Renting a safe deposit box from Baylands Family Credit Union is easy, and you will enjoy greater peace of mind.  To check availability, please contact us.

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