VISA Debit Alerts

VISA® Debit Alerts

Know Where Your Money is Going

Get a text or email1 whenever you pay2 with your Baylands VISA® Debit Card.

What is VISA® Debit Alerts?

VISA® Debit Alerts offered by Baylands Family Credit Union lets you monitor debit card activities such as retail purchases, internet/phone transactions, international purchases, ATM transactions, gas station purchases, and more!  Quickly detect and prevent fraudulent use of your Baylands VISA® Debit card, and know where your money is going!


Follow these Easy Steps:

1. Click the “ENROLL NOW” button and select “Register/Manage”  to begin registration. 
2. Enter an eligible Baylands VISA® Debit Card number3
3. Register your mobile device and email address to receive VISA® Purchase Alerts.
4. Choose the notification triggers that match your needs (such as transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount, international transactions, or purchases online).
5. You’re All Set!  Monitor your card transactions.



  • Security – Keep your account secure.  Get alerts in near real-time and quickly identify potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Convenience – Adjust your alerts to what makes sense for you, and receive them via SMS text or email.
  • It’s Free! – Baylands offers VISA® Debit Alerts to its members for free.  However, some cell phone carriers may charge fees to send or receive a text message.  Message and data rates may apply.  Please check your mobile plan or contact your mobile carrier for further information.

For Terms & Conditions, or answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click HERE.

Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within the area. Data rates may apply.

A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa.

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