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Important Information - Wawa Data Breach

Wawa recently announced a data breach affecting all 850 of their locations and anyone who shopped at Wawa from March 2019 to December 2019.

We encourage you to read Wawa's official statement for more information and additional support they are offering their customers.  As an example, Wawa is offering no-charge identity theft protection as a result of their security breach.  Go to for details on how to obtain the monitoring.

Monitoring any data breach situation closely Baylands wants to take steps to decrease the occurrence of fraud that might affect the credit union membership.  In an effort to minimize any impact to affected cardholders, we have decided to issue new credit & debit cards to those identified as potentially impacted by the Wawa data breach.

In the coming week(s), if your credit or debit card was identified as potentially impacted, you can expect to receive an email or other communication with more information and instructions.

Here at Baylands Family Credit Union, we take the security of our members' data seriously, and strongly encourage members to regularly check their credit and debit card account activity.  Baylands also has the following tools available to monitor account activity:

Credit Cards

  • Online - Login to online or mobile banking and click the EZCard link to monitor credit card account activity.
  • EZCard Transaction Alerts - Login to your EZCard account via online banking to set up credit card account alerts.
    • When a single transaction exceeds a certain amount
    • When your credit card limit is reached or exceeded
    • When your current balance is within a certain amount of your credit limit

Debit Cards

  • Online and mobile banking:  Login to online or mobile banking to monitor account activity.  To register for online banking, click here.
  • Baylands Mobile App:  Use Baylands Android or Apple app to monitor account transactions.
  • Baylands VISA Debit Alerts:  Easily monitor your debit card transactions and know where your money is going.  Enroll here.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you have.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.